When I lived and worked in Paris, photoshoots and filming were a daily occurence.
On this day I came across Karl, shooting a campaign for Fendi with Jessica Stam and Baptiste Giabiconi.
Only had my LC-A with me so this is a desaturised crop of proceedings

If anyone has a Mustang they would like me to shoot, please get in touch, my portfolio could do with some Pony goodness.

I spotted this one whilst riding through Paris on my scooter, so had to stop and grab a couple of hurried shots for myself

I think I may have posted the to Tumblr previously, but being Bi-Polar Bill, I have a habit of destroying/deleting my work.
So here it is again.

The cherry eater, aka my wife Tamara, messing around on the bed at breakfast time.
Ended up shooting an entire roll, impromptu shoots are the best!

This camera was a gift several years ago, but sadly has never worked.
I can’t however bring myself to get rid of it, it’s just too damn beautiful.

Spent a pleasant day shooting this car by the sea today for a magazine submission.
This shot isn’t up to scratch for publication, but good enough for here in my opinion.

A frontal view can be found here

Yashica-Mat in a Parisian garden.
I use to usethiss camera a lot, though mothballed these days due to a broken loupe, I just can’t seem to focus without it.

Abandoned car in Moscow
This Volga sat for a long time bhind the Moscow State University, though not sure it is still there.
I’m pleased with this shot as it was arms length through a broken window, I didn’t expect to get anything usable.